Cancer treatment and Improving quality of life of cancer patients by ADP-Ribose regulatory platform technology


PearlsInMires is an oncology drug development company with an ADP-Ribose regulatory platform.
Our team is dedicated to the discovery and R&D of anticancer drugs for the treatment of cancer patients.

We are advancing First-In-Class technologies with a primary focus on ADP-Ribose regulation, a new class of precision medicine targets.

We are promoting the development of innovative anticancer drugs by securing mechanisms of
"synthetic lethality intervention", "epigenetic control", and "gene regulation"
through ADP-Ribose regulatory platform.


Inducing cancer cell death mechanism through ADP-Ribose regulatory platform technology.




We have established the First-In-Class platform with ADP-Ribose regulatory technology.

We are considering the unique robustness and preservation of the cancer cells that are clearly distinct from normal cells
and achieving low-toxic/high-efficient conditions that breaks away from the stereotype of existing inhibitory anti-cancer drugs.


Pipeline from ADP-Ribose regulatory platform


We are actively promoting R&D using the ADP-Ribose regulatory platform technology targeting various solid cancers.

Our ADP-Ribose regulatory platform technology has great potential to replace or complement the existing cancer therapies.

Targets of our technologies:
Treatment of all solid cancers with increased target expression
Overcoming resistance to existing PARP inhibitors
Overcoming resistance to existing Immunotherapies
Overcoming resistance to standard therapies using chemo/targeted therapies
Inducing synergistic effect with all existing anticancer drugs

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